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Stata Dataset dataset is an array of observations (rows) on variables (columns) clear all describe the current stata dataset in memory (" master" dataset) We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us.

Apr 17, 2015 May I know if there is a way to use xtset with both the year and month variables? From the manual, it seems like xtset only allows 1 panel id and 1 time variable. If you really want to capture the combination of month and year as a fixed effect, then use your date variable and forget about month and year.

if you are using current Stata The data set we use here is from Stata 8 manual and it can be accessed over the internet. If you have an internet connection, you can get the data set by the following command. Here is how to generate a variable from it with only information on month and year. To convert such dates to Stata dates, use the mdy function.

It takes three numeric arguments: the month, day and year to be converted. It takes three numeric arguments: the Forecasting in STATA: Tools and Tricks Introduction This manual is intended to be a reference guide for timeseries forecasting in STATA. It will be updated periodically during the semester, and will be available Year month stata manual the course website. You can drop the year and month variables, create a monthly time index, and rename var to be more Above, our date string was formatted day, month, year, with no character separating the different components of our date, however, Stata can handle a wide variety of formats and separating characters.

Basic Panel Data Commands in STATA. so read the manual documentation before doing it. example above) is consistent across years and the year suffix is consistent.

(For example, if your year suffix is 98, 99, 00, Stata will put 00 as a year before 99. ) Useful Stata Commands (for Stata versions 13, 14, & 15) Kenneth L. Simons direct Stata questions are: (1) builtin help and manuals (see Statas Help menu), (2) your friends and P1c. Time Variable from Multiple (e. g.Year and Month) Variables.

29 P1d. Time Variable Representation in Stata. 29 P2. Telling Stata You Have Time Linear Regression In this tutorial we will explore fitting linear regression models using STATA. We will also cover ways of reexpressing variables in a data set if the conditions for Time series data is data collected over time for a single or a group of variables.

For this kind of data the first thing to do is to check the variable that contains the time or date range and make sure is the one you need: yearly, Combining Monthly and Quarterly Data. What they all have in common is regional and year coding. annualsubject to monthsubject Year month stata manual (Stata) 0. Clustered robust standard errors on countryyear pairs. 1. Dropping entire subject if single observation meets criterion in panel data.

2. Converting year and month (yyyymm format) to a date? Ask Question. you need a specific date of the month. From the as. Date() manual page: If the date string does not specify the date completely, the returned answer may be systemspecific.

The most common behaviour is to assume that a missing year, month or day is the current one.

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