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ISHAPORE 2A1. I am always amazed at the simplicity of the older bolt action rifles. When it comes to hot, the modern AR15 platform is as popular as taking a model centerfold on a high school prom date! EXTAR has created a 5. 56 Nato caliber, AR pistol that does away with the buffer tube and makes for a compact, polymer framed pistol with Apr 25, 2014 There was a lot of speculation on the fact that Ishapore were still manufacturing the 2A1 or not.

By searching through the Indian Ordnance Factories sites, I found that the Ishapore machinery used to make the 2A1 was sent to the Ordnance Factory of Tiruchirappalli. and they are still manufacturing a civilian version of the No. 1; http Mar 23, 2010  I will be picking up a very nice Ishapore 2A 7. 62 Nato rifle in a few weeks (it is on layawake). Just wondering if anyone knows of a mount available to The Rifle 7. 62mm 2A2A1 (also known as the Ishapore 2A2A1) is a 7. 6251mm NATO calibre boltaction rifle adopted as a reserve arm by the Indian Armed Forces in 1963.

The design of the rifle initially the Rifle 7. 62mm 2A began at the Rifle Factory Ishapore of the Ordnance Factories Board in Sep 05, 2007 The 7. 62 Ishapore Enfield should either be a 2A or a 2A1. The sights are marked on the 2A to 2000 meters and on the 2A1 to 800 meters.

There is supposedly a really good custom gunstock maker in Australia who makes thumbhole stocks for Enfields, but he doesn't have a web site. Dec 11, 2011 government school systems but that is another treatise), there is much misinformation available to the This issue reared its ugly head a couple of years ago when the many boatloads of Ishapore 2A1 rifles hit generated at the high end of the test range did not meet NATO standards.

[Defense Technical The Ishapore 2A and 2A1 rifles are often incorrectly described as". 308 conversions". The 2A2A1 rifles are not conversions of. 303 calibre SMLE Mk III rifles. Rather, they are newly manufactured firearms and are not technically chambered for commercial. 308 Winchester ammunition. Feb 26, 2017 Ishapore SMLE Stock Repair Curio& RelicBlack Powder Sep 19, 2015 Hello everyone!

Well the darned Gun Broker done got me again! This morning I won an auction for a great price, the gun is an Ishapore 2A1 which is an Indianproduced LeeEnfield pattern rifle chambered in 7.

62x51mm NATO. The SMLE No1 Mk3 was the iconic British infantry rifle of World War 1, but not the final evolution of the Lee Enfield design. By World War 2 it had been replaced by the new No4 Mk1 Lee Enfield, and this is the story of the interim models. Find this Pin and more on Gun Pix by John Richardson. Interesting scout rifle made from an Ishapore Enfield. See more. Ishapore 2a1 The NATO.

308 equivalent. A wonderful gun. The HK337 is a midrange weapon based on the HK416A5 with the highperformance caliber. 300 Blackout Whisper. Jul 30, 2007 Tom, Your problem is" universal" with just about all of these Enfields. The Stock Bolt Screw is" rusted" in place. I have had some" success" in the past with spraying WD40 or penetrating oil down in to the bolt recess and after an hour or so useing an" easy out" tool with a 38 extension and proper size bit and hammering the easy out as you turn the bolt.

Ishapore For Sale ALL ITEMS Ishapore Clear. 2 Item(s) Found Page 1 1. Item. Title (Click to Sort) Bids. High(Bid) Time(Left). Enfield Ishapore SMLE Rifle all matching. 303 British 395.

00. 0 395. 00 430. 00 3d 18h 18m. Enfield Ishapore SMLE Rifle Model 2A1 all matching 7. 62 NATO 450. 00. 0

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