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MicroStation V8 XM Delta Feature List. doc Updated: September 28, 2009 Page 2 of 17 To change the active attributes to match the attributes of an existing element, Settings Design File Element Attributes Global Line Style Scale applies to references also. Models: 1. The active model is displayed in each view windows title bar.

MicroStation Keyin Reference V02. 03 2 Scale AS Sets the active scale XS Sets the active X Scale YS Sets the active Y Scale ZS Sets the active Z Scale Stream digitizing SD Sets the stream delta ST Sets the stream tolerance Text DF Opens the Fonts dialog box DR Displays a text file FT Sets the active font LL Sets the maximum line length for text MICROSTATION TIPS AND TRICKS. March 1, 2013. FAQ. Keyboard Accelerators Tips for Beginners. General Tips and Tricks Yes, you will have to change the working units.

Doing so may move and rescale the elements in the drawing. You will have to do a little work after you change the working units. Recommendations. A custom line can be made up of a series of userdefined dashes (stroke pattern), a series of symbols at defined intervals (point symbols), or a combination of the two. change symbology tools in MicroStation as outlined Change linetype scale microstation v8i manual the Roadway Drafting Using MicroStation training manual.

Once the levels have been changed manually, follow the steps listed under MicroStation Annotation Scale Factor. 33. MicroStation Level and Level Attributes. March 12, 2010 by Edwin Prakoso 10 Comments. MicroStation levels are used to separate and distinguish your drawing objects. When the drawing become complex, you will need to control the object appearances. You can create a level, rename it, and change its attributes. You can also see whether the To access private communities that interest you.

To participate in product and industryrelated conversations. To have the ability to upload or download files.

TECH NOTE WSDOT CAE SUPPORT MicroStation Reference Display Overrides and New Level Display Example Data Files Overview This tech note describes how Display Overrides and the New Level Display functionality impact level MicroStation tutorial: Element Manipulation. January 13, 2010 by Edwin Prakoso 10 Comments. Scale. We can resize elements by using MicroStation scale tool.

The book covers 2D and 3D. However, if you want to cover only 2D exercises, you can try MicroStation V8i Training Manual 2D Level 1 and MicroStation V8i Training Manual 2D Level 2. PRINT ORGANIZER 101 MICROSTATION V8i 4 of 8 2010 www. EatyourCAD. com GO TO TOOLSDEFINE PRINT STYLES Click the New button to create a new Print Style and click on the name to change it. TECH NOTE WSDOT CAE SUPPORT April 2014 Page 1 of 6 MicroStation Optimizing References WSDOT Resource Environment Overview This technote is a collection of requirements, work flows, and best practices for working with reference Change Element Direction Use it!

Used to reverse an element's (line, line string, arc, ellipse, complex chain, complex shape, curve, or Bspline curve) direction or change the start point (for closed elements).

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