Nelson rain train parts manual

Below is the list of available replacement parts for your Nelson product. Order Now 5 2 8 1 4 6 11 3 10 5 7 8 1 9 Parts Price List Ordering information 1. Parts orders can be placed with: Consumer Service L.

R. Nelson Corporation One Sprinkler Lane Rain Train Turf Traveler Refer to Service Parts Booklet Nelson# ) Ordering Information l Nelson Landscape and Turf distributors can place service parts orders with: Customer Service One Sprinkler Lane 4780 Eucalyptus Ave. Peoria, IL Chino, CA 888NELSON8 To purchase Nelson Rain Train replacement parts in a store, visit NorthernTool.

com. Under the Nelson Rain Train category, select the tab for parts and then click the Find Stores button. Northern Tool and Equipment lists over 90 stores in 20 states.

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Nelson Rain Train Ramp Includes: one Rain Train Ramp The Rain Train Ramp allows for automatic shutoff of the Rain Train The hose is ran under the ramp. When the Rain Train gets to the ramp, a switch located on the bottom of the motor assembly Find great deals on eBay for nelson rain train parts. Shop with confidence.

Assembly and operating instructions for your Nelson Traveling Sprinkler. 3. Laying out the hose Lay out the path you want your sprinkler to follow. Avoid creating sharp turns with your hose. Create a 3 foot loop with the end of the hose to prevent kinking when connecting to

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