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Jun 26, 2010 my radio (audi concert) is stuck in safe mode, i have the code and tried everything the manual states but no joy. It is an audi a3 2005. Any ideas, I do not want to have to go through the garage for obvious reasons. Nov 18, 2009 have a 2007 a3 with audi concert radio, disconected the battery and it came up in safe mode 1 asking me for a code and entered the wrong code, is now not leting me enter a code and is on safe mode 2 not leting me do anythin.

If your Audi radio is currently in Safe Mode there are a few steps you will need to take: If you are one of the lucky people who happen to have a vehicle manual with the Audi radio code on hand, you can simply follow the instructions specific to your radio and the hills will be alive with the sound of music. Feb 04, 2005  Hi'ya My Concert radio has gone into SAFE mode, I have the password but carnt remember what buttons to press to allow me to enter.

I would look in the manuel only its in german since I Nov 04, 2006  Audi concert stereo safe mode! Help! ! petephoenix Nov 4, 2006. petephoenix New Member. 9 0 1. Mine had been recoded at some point in its like so the code in the manual didn't match the radio's.

Maybe you could take it to a local carstereo place where they could sort it Apr 30, 2010 How to exit the 1998 Audi A4 radio out of SAFE mode: IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have the security antitheft code for your Audi radio from the car manufacturer, or from an Audi dealer!

The sequence of programming for Audi radio is: Aug 10, 2010 How can I get my Audi Concert radio out of safe mode? Answered by a verified Audi Mechanic Hi I recently purchased a 99 audi A4 and I'm trying to get the audi concert out of safe mode.

The car salesman did not have the radio code. There was no manual with the car and I don't know which version of radio I have. H

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