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The Ingersoll Rand ARO family of hoists was designed for continous lifting in production environments These simple, reliable, and heavy duty air hoists are constructed with fewer moving parts which means less time on the cacrir Print This banner will only be used to support those product lines that do not have a product page but where a product page is necessary to display the Documents and FAQ links within the support table.

Benefits of using an IngersollRand air chain hoist: 100 duty cycle. Air hoists can be operated continuously, as air motors dont heat up! MLK and HLK Series Air Chain Hoist 14 6 metric ton Lifting Capacity 18.

Manual brake release kit. Available as an accessory, this kit allows the operator to safely lower a suspended load Ingersoll Rand manufacturers air and chain hoists, trolleys and hoist accessories for the industrial market.

Ingersoll Rand is known as a quality producer of air hoists under the ARO brand, which is a compact and lightweight air hoist. HLK Chain Hoist Series View all models Serving industry for over 25 years, the rugged and reliable HLK series share a common design with many interchangeable parts.

Bring outstanding control, reliability, long life and safety to your load handling operations with Ingersoll Rand manual and powered hoists. We offer the broadest range of chain hoists in the world, with lifting capacities ranging from 125 kg through 100 tons. IngersollRand, or by IngersollRand Authorized Service Centers. Contact the Factory if in doubt about installation, operation, inspection and maintenance instructions.

Use only Genuine IngersollRand parts when maintaining or repairing a winch, hoist or any component of a winch or hoist. When selecting a manual hoist you need to determine the type required (hand chain or lever), capacity in tons, lift (length of chain), suspension (hook, geared trolley, and motorized trolley), hand chain length, lifting material (cable or chain) and beam size.

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