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DI149 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit 99 Lowcost, Compact USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit 99 Eight 10 V Differential Analog Inputs 99 Analog Inputs Protected to 150V 99 10bit Resolution 99 Up to 10 kHz Sample Rate 99 4 Digital Inputs incl. 2 CounterTimers 99 Provided with WinDaqLite Software 99 Optional WinDaqHS Software for turnkey high speed sampling DI149 Description The DI149 8Channel USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit.

DI148USP. USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit with Two String Pot Inputs. DI148U, DI148USP, and DI158 Series Hardware Manual Introduction 3. DATAQ Instruments Hardware Manager. This software can be found in the Start menu under the W. IN. D. AQ. Includes a DI149 instrument, a 6foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, and downloadable WinDaq software Out of stock Tags: 8 Channel Loggers, Best Sellers, Dataq Acquisition Systems, Starter Kits, USB Loggers, Voltage Loggers DI149 Hardware Manual Introduction 2 WINDAQ Recording and Playback Software WINDAQ Acquisition and WINDAQ Waveform Browser allow you to record and playback data acquired through your instrument.

WINDAQ software is an invaluable resource to record and analyze your data and is available for free from our web site (www. dataq Aug 09, 2016  Once Clint fixes the BE limiter that prevents the DATAQ DI149 from logging all 8 analog inputs, the main diff I can see is that the Innovate SSI4 MIGHT have the ability to log PWM and duty cycle signals (since the configuration is done via firmware update) whereas the DATAQ would need the logging SW (the stock WINDAQ Model DI245 is a lowcost data acquisition system that offers the performance of products many times its price.

Four analog input channels adapt to a wide range of measurement types and applications. DATAQ Instruments, Inc. warrants that this hardware will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 90 days from the date of shipment.

DATAQ Instruments' obligations under this DI149 Hardware Manual Table of Contents v Dec 20, 2013 Demonstrating how you to use the DI149 counter channel to record up to 16, 383 discrete pulses. The counter can be used to acquire flow rate or volume, and a DI149ADconverter together with the WinAD data acquisition software is a very nice combination. EndoPATformat The EndoPAT is a commercial device that claims that Search among more than user manuals and view them online in.

pdf DI149 USB data acquisition starter kit with Windaq software, 8 analog input channels, 4 digital input channels, and four digital output channels. DATAQ Instruments is a leading supplier of data acquisition hardware and software systems for PCs. Starter kits as low as 59.

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