Maxstream xtend manual transmission

XTend OEM RF Module Specifications Relative to userselected TX Power Output Power Requirements (Supply voltage and TX currents relative to each TX Power Output option) Transmit Power Output 1 mW 10 mW 100 mW 500 mW 1 W The XTend OEM RF Modules interface to a host device through a TTLlevel asynchronous serial port.

Through its serial port, the module can communicate with any UART voltage compatible device or through a level translator to any serial device (For example: RS or USB interface board).

View and Download MaxStream 9XTendPKGE product manual online. Ethernet RF Modem. 9XTendPKGE Modem pdf manual download. 9XTend OEM RF Module Product Manual v2.

x6x Data Transmission and Routing 55 Unicast Addressing 55 Broadcast Addressing 56 Routing 56 Systems that include XTend RF Modules inherit MaxStreams Certifications. ISM (Industrial, Scientific& Medical) Terminal and Modem Configuration tabs) Install XCTU software Doubleclick the" setupXCTU. 9XTend OEM RF Module Product Manual v1. Setup PC serial ports to interface with an XTend Module assembly Range Test tab Test XTend Module's range and monitor packets sent and received Terminal tab Set and read XTend Module XTend 1is1a1trademark 1of 1MaxStream, 1Inc.

Systems that include XTend RF Modules inherit MaxStream s Certifications. ISM (Industrial, Scientific& Medical) licensefree MHz frequency band TransmitPower: Pin pulses low during RF transmission; otherwise, the pin is MD0018 XTendPKGR RS RF Modem 1 Long Range 900 MHz RF Modem with RPSMA Connector XT09PKG Antenna 1 900 MHz RPSMA, 6" HalfWave, dipole, articulating A09HASM675 1 Connects to the female RS232 (DB9) serial connector of the MaxStream Interface Board and can be used to configure the modem to function as a repeater (for range The XTendPKGR RF Modem comes configured to provide immediate long range wireless links between devices.

The RF modem can be configured for additional functionality through the use of Search among more than user manuals and view them online in. pdf The XTend module utilizes FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) agility to avoid interference by hopping to a new frequency on every packet transmission or retransmission.

Its transmit power is software adjustable from 100 mW to 1 Wthe maximum output power allowable by governments that use 900 MHz as a licensefree band. XTend OEM RF Module Product Manual v1. 0 XTend OEM RF Module The XTend OEM RF Module is MaxStreams longest range dropin wireless solution. The module transfers a standard asynchronous serial Pin pulses low during RF transmission; otherwise, the pin In order to operate under MaxStreams FCC Certification, OEMsintegrators must comply with the following regulations: The OEMintegrator must ensure that the text provided with this device [Figure A01 is placed on the outside of the final product and within the final product operation manual.

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