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Nikon D3100: Focus Modes and Focus Points. You can read more about focus points on page 58 of the D3100 manual. Focus Modes. You can read more about focus modes on page 55 of the manual. For more tips, advice and recommendations, check out the Nikon D3100 homepage.

Happy shooting! Here are some simple tips for better shooting with this featurepacked camera. scene in focus is also useful when shooting a group of people or any scene with important subjects at varying To help you get started using your D3000 camera, weve provided a handy reference to your cameras buttons and dials and automatic and advanced exposure modes. Select the mode you want to use from the dial on top of the camera and then just frame, focus, and shoot.

For a little extra help, set the Mode dial to the Guide setting to Quick Tips for Taking Better Portraits. Suggested Lens choices, exposure settings and focus modes Nikon D3000 Review. The D3000 is Nikons latest entrylevel DSLR it performs in a similar fashion. For outdoor photography under brightly lit conditions, it is very good. The Group Dynamic option is especially convenient for sports photography.

Other AF and AFD lenses that have no motor become manualfocus only on the D3000. May 21, 2007 D80 Focus Setting Question For Group Pictures May 21, 2007 I am pretty new to DSLR's, so I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question.

Find great deals on eBay for nikon d3100 manual. Shop with confidence. Mar 25, 2011  Here are some beginner tips and settings for the new D3100 user: Shutter can only be released if camera is able to focus. MF Manual focus; Post any tips you have for the D3100 here. Please post question in a new thread under this forum. D3000D5000. My nikonites gallery any opinions or tips? Photo Feedback. Tags for Nikon D3300 Tips& Tricks By Dusty" Moose" Winans.

Start Here; Cheat Cards; Forum; Family Group (Daytime Indoors) Capture memorable group photos, indoors during the day custom settings for capturing a wide variety of subjects and scenes using the Nikon D3300 and select lenses.

By zeroing in on a specific camera and lens photography tips from various sites, copyright remains with original sites. Search AFS in its name if it does than the auto focus is based upon a motor inside the lens which is w hat you need since the D3000 doesn't have an auto focus motor built inside of it like the higher models like the D90, and if its a tamron or sigma lens (althoug h Around the front element, there is a thin manual focusing ring, usable both in autofocus (AF) and manual focus (MF) modes.

For switching those modes, you must use the DSLR internal menu, as there is no mechanical button switch on the lens tube. Nikon D3000 Quick Guide: Tips& Resources for Beginners. Nikon D3000 Quick Guide: Tips& Resources for Beginners Like the D5000, D60, D40x and D40 before it, the D3000 does not feature a builtin motor required to autofocus older lenses. These lenses will still work on the D3000, but they become manualfocus only.

Manual Focus is the future. First, take a look at the dioptre and make sure it's set for your eye. You can set it by sliding the switch on the right of your viewfinder D3000 manual focus tips group and down a few notches (it's a little hidden behind the eyecup). Easytouse Nikon D3000 D3000 manual focus tips group comes with all the hightech wizardry of advanced digital SLR picture taking.

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