Tibial osteotomy rehabilitation protocol manual

Rehabilitation protocol is the same for femoral or tibial osteotomy Rehabilitation for ACL reconstruction combined with high tibial osteotomy is dictated by the HTO protocol.

A comprehensive literature search was carried out to identify research relating to rehabilitation following High Tibial Osteotomy surgery. After reviewing the articles and information, the physiotherapy guidelines were produced on the best available evidence. The Gundersen Sports Medicine Distal Patellar Realignment TTO Rehabilitation Program is an evidencebased and soft tissue healing dependent program allowing patients to progress to vocational and sportsrelated activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Rehabilitation Protocol: Flatfoot Reconstruction Department of Orthopaedic Surgery In the flatfoot deformity the posterior tibial tendon (PTT) may have significant tendinopathy, an interstitial tear or be completely ruptured at the time of surgery. Manual Therapy to HIGH TIBIAL OSTEOTOMY REHABILITATION PROTOCOL WEIGHT BRACE ROM THERAPEUTIC BEARING EXERCISES PHASE I 02 weeks: PWB Locked in full extension As tolerated Heel slides 0 90, quad sets, 0 4 weeks (25) with crutches for all activities (including CPM for 2 HIGH TIBIAL OSTEOTOMY FEMORAL CONDYLE CARTILAGE REPAIR REHAB PROTOCOL CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Manual lymphatic drainagesoft tissue mobilization Compression sleeveTED hose CARTILAGE REPAIR REHAB PROTOCOL CONTINUED CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Rowing ergometer short arc knee High Tibial Osteotomy PostOperative Rehabilitation Protocol Name: High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) Rehabilitation Protocols Targets Upon Discharge from Hospital Ambulating with crutches Rehab brace without range of motion limitation Sleeping in rehab brace Home exercise program includes; isometric quadricep sets, calf stretches, quad and hamstring High Tibial Osteotom HTO ehabilitation high tibial osteotomy (hto) protocol Rehabilitation following High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) is an essential part of a full recovery and this process is comparatively prolonged versus alternative knee surgeries such as unicompartmental and total knee

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