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A rescue and patient transport system that is compact, lightweight and versatile. It performs all of the functions of a traditional basket stretcher and much more. The Sked Stretchers design and flexibility makes it ideal for confined space rescue in areas such as: storage tanks, ships hatches, mine shafts, manholes, caves, ventilation ducts sked basic rescue system 614 Compact storage, ease of use, and flexibility in transport have made Skedco's Sked stretcher popular with fire departments, rescue squads, the military, and ski patrols.

Skedco HazMat Decontaminable stretcher for mass casualty& hazordous materials technical, confined space incidents. Find HMH Sked Stretchers at CMC. Patient Packaging technique from the Roco Rescue Channel features the manufacturer's approved method for MANUAL DE USO CAMILLA SKEDCO Head and cervical spine immobilization splint functions as a spine board when used with a Sked Stretcher. Feb 15, 2012  Patient packaging with the SKED Basic Rescue System Easy Patient Drag in Confined Space CMC Research and buy Skedco Basic Sked Stretcher SystemOrange and other rescue and safety related gear.

Rescue Response Gear up! Bariatric Skedco Bariatric Sked Stretcher The Bariatric Sked Stretcher is designed to move obese patients through difficult areas with less risk of injuring your back. saving lives since 1981 user manual. skedco, inc.

unroll sked stretcher place patient on sked (feet first) place patient on sked (head first) fasten straps (cobra buckles) fasten straps (steel buckles) horizontal liftdescent vertical liftdescent backpacktowing& The Skedco Basic Sked Stretcher System is a complete rescue system for the confined spaces, the most technical in rescue, and traditional based applications.

Oct 09, 2014 SKEDCO The 7 Skeds of Skedco. SKEDCO The 7 Skeds of Skedco. MANUAL DE USO CAMILLA SKEDCO Duration: 15: 20. SKED Stretcher application for vertical lifting. Skedcos Sked Basic Rescue System is the original and best solution for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional landbased applications. The Sked stretcher is a revolutionary design which provides outstanding patient The SKED Stretcher: a revolutionary concept in stretcher design PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A rescue system that performs the functions of a stokes and basket type stretcher, yet is much more compact, light weight, and For additional information contact SKEDCO Inc.

at (503) Skedco SKED Stretcher This highly portable, compact stretcher system has proven itself in confined space rescue operations, in caves and industrial plants. The SKED. Ready to get started with your Skedco products?

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