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Jun 25, 2013 Cool 3DHS 58" Edge RC Blogs. Hi there Love your work on the planes Could you maybe do mine as well please its a custom paintjob Nov 10, 2014 First (and second) flight with the 106" edge today, flies like it's on rails! Only needed a small bit of knife edgeroll mixing. Found that 4. 5" was was to far forward to check the CoG ended up with 5.

5" back from the leading edge at the wing tip and that's still a bit nose heavy for XA but I'm happy as it means I can get it reasonably nose heavy for IMAC without adding any weight to the airframe. Oct 31, 2012  The 58" Edge includes a carbon wingtube, carbon onepiece landing gear, a carbonreinforced landinggear attachment system, genuine ultracote, complete hardware, canopy hatch latch, aluminum axles, hinges installed in control surfaces, and all Oct 19, 2012 Steven" TK" McCormack Flies the 58" 3DHS Edge 540.

I changed my mind. THIS is the most awesome plane EVER built! ! ! This plane will do anything! The 106" Edge V2 is an evolution of the tremendously popular 3DHobbyShop CC Edge 540. This proven aerodynamic package, loved by lownslow 3dhs 58 edge manual pilots and freestyle fans, is now paired with the same intensive carbon composite technology as our The original 3DHS 74" Edge 540 was a legendary airframe among devotees of 3D Aerobatics.

It was beloved due to its ability to be both stable and gentle for 3D newbies 1. Before starting assembly, 3dhs 58 edge manual a few minutes to read the entire instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the assembly process. 2. Please take a few minutes and go Assembly Manual Airframe 58 Edge 540 Thank you for purchasing this 3DHobbyShop by Extreme Flight ARF RC aircraft.

If you have any issues, questions, concerns or problems during assembly, please contact our tech 3D Hobby Shop Light, strong, innovative, highquality and userfriendly, 3DHS aircraft are optimized for 3D and freestyle performance. A complete range from 3D trainers to national level competition machines will take you to the top of aerobatic pe Nov 27, 2012 I would think the opposite, you want a large disk on the edge for slow 3d maneuverability. The mxs is a faster handling plane.

If I had to chose one to get the 16 and one 15, I would give the bigger disc to the edge. Apr 28, 2013 Build Log 3D Hobby Shop 58" Edge Repair RC Blogs. This is where the bulk of the work gets done. I had to use the splintered remains of the second and third formers, trace out new pieces, then alternate fitting and sanding them so that they fit snug and properly. Mar 13, 2015 Page 58Build Log 3DHS Edge 540 106" Build thread Build Threads View and Download Extreme Flight 3DHS 48 EPP EXTRA 330SC assembly manual online.

Electric ARF. 3DHS 48 EPP EXTRA 330SC Toy pdf manual download. 58 electric arf (26 pages) Toy Extreme Flight 91" EXTRA 300EXP ARF Assembly Manual Toy Extreme Flight 50cc Edge 540T Instruction Manual. 50cc edge 540t arf (31 pages)

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