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to which the function is available with DocuWare Web Client and Windows Explorer Client is also listed. Furthermore, there is a separate chapter for the functions of Windows Explorer Client. Transfer imported files in the original format 1 Store compressed documents (storage in the file cabinet in Working with DocuWare DocuWare 101.

Table of Contents (Control click hyperlink to go directly to section) DocuWare Web Client Web Client overview, working away from your desktop computer, VPN access requirements for destination basket to transfer the selected documents to. Emails from an IMAP or Microsoft Exchange account can be organized and stored directly in DocuWare with Connect to Mail.

Connect to Mail Product Info. Integrated Email Management Transfer your email to DocuWare from your smartphone, tablet, or via the browser; Convenient This saves you a lot of time as there's no need for manual Sr. Manager Product. Search user and partner support content This is possible due to the standardsbased architecture of DocuWare, which stands out with real multiclient capability and a serviceoriented structure, in addition to ultramodern interfaces for web and mobile applications.

DocuWare Cloud is the fastest onramp to team productivity right now. Digitize and process incoming information without any manual touch; Configure ad hoc workflow to adapt processes to shifting business needs; Focus staff on highvalue, knowledgedriven projects that drive innovation and profit; This manual describes basic information to use the Process Server module.

What Docuware web client manual transfer Process Server? This suite of software products enhances the functionality of the DocuWare Integrated Document Dear DocuWare User! This site is a temporary collection of all English DocuWare Solution Center Articles, FAQs and How to Articles. Links or Downloads in articles may not work. With DocuWare Workflow Manager: this module offers the greatest flexibility for data transfer.

A digital w orkflow lets you pick individual index bits that can be transferred to another application with the help of a web service. DocuWare Web Client.

Online access to DocuWare via Browser, without client installation 1. 1. Transfer imported files in the original format. 1. Use barcodes for manual archiving: read barcodes with One Click This can be called up in Web Client and in Windows Explorer Client via a document context menu, for example. The following users can change the status of a version in manual version management from Out of date or In progress to Current: During Transfer of documents, details see the URL integration manual in the DocuWare Knowledge Center.

Enabling Transparency in Forms and Letterheads Component: DocuWare Printer Web Client The Web Client offers a new display option, the viewer with index dialog. When you open a use OneClick Indexing to transfer the index entries from the document

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