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Geothermal fracking creates serious environmental issues, such as earthquakes and is not good for Hawaii.  The good news, awareness is being raised of the dangers of geothermal fracking in Hawaii.

The Hawaii State Senate and House of Representatives passed bills through committees in mid February, 2014 to ban fracking in Hawaii.  In both chambers the Water & Land and Energy & Environment committees heard testimony and advanced bills.   However, these bills were then sent to the House Finance and the Senate Judiciary committees where they were allowed to “die on the grapevine” in 2014.

The public testimony was overwhelmingly in support of the ban, with approximately 105 providing testimony in favor and about 6 who opposed a ban on fracking.  As expected, most who opposed the ban on fracking in Hawaii were connected to the geothermal drilling industry.

If you would like to contact the state Senators and/or House Representatives to provide your input on why geothermal fracking should be banned in Hawaii, you may e-mail them at the following addresses:,

Some key points:

  • Geothermal fracking causes earthquakes  (see studies with links)
  • Geothermal fracking can contaminate water tables
  • If the geothermal drilling companies do not plan on fracturing our Aina they have no reason to oppose a ban.

On November 6, 2013 the Big Island of Hawaii enacted Ordinance 13-115 to ban fracking in Hawaii County, however geothermal drilling exploration is now also being proposed for Oahu and Maui, and there is no similar protection from the dangers of geothermal fracking state-wide.  If you would like to support a statewide ban on fracking, please sign the petition at the link below:

To sign the petition please CLICK HERE

Please also post this link on your Facebook and share with everyone you can.

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